• Chasing Goals is Like Building a Fire...

International Career highlights

  • Finalist 400m World Youth Championships1999
  • Gold 400mH World Youth Championships1999
  • Finalist 4×400 World Junior Championships 2000 – Chile
  • Gold 400m World Junior Championships 2000 – Chile
  • Gold 400mH World Junior Championships2000 – Chile
  • Olympic Games 400mH2000
  • Gold 4x400m Relay Commonwealth Games2002 – Manchester
  • Gold 400mH Commonwealth Games2002 – Manchester
  • Gold 400mH World Championships2003 – Paris
  • Olympic Games Athens: 400H Finalist 5th 2004
  • Gold 400mH Commonwealth Games 2006 – Melbourne
  • Gold 4x400m Relay Commonwealth Games2006 – Melbourne
  • Gold 400mH World Championships2007 – Japan
  • Bobsled Winter Olympian – 13th2014



Chasing goals is like building a fire, every day you add more kindle.
Till one day you light the match. Dream big and bold, make life an inferno

My name is Jana, I am an athlete, mum, author, speaker and future doctor. Whilst the majority of my career was spent racing around the world and jumping over hurdles there is so much more to my story.

Personal Details

  • Name:Jana Pittman
  • Born:November 9th 1982
  • Height:181 cm ( 5ft 11 in)
  • Weight:72kg
  • Resides:Hills District NSW
  • High School:Mt St Benedict College and Girraween High School
  • University:Western Sydney University- Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery and Bachelor of Medical Research
  • Children:Cornelis 10, Emily 2, Jemima under 1
  • Parents:Jackie and Brian, Brother: Ryan
Jana Pittman

Personal Bests

  • 400m Hurdles:53.19
  • 400m:50.43
  • 200m:23.41
  • 100m:11.53

Specialises In

  • “Key-note” presentations
  • MC for events
  • 4 hour and full day small group workshops.
  • Commentating for sports events.

Hurdles of life : Topics

Just jana:

This is a sports themed fun recall of Jana’s athletic career. She shares her story inviting you behind the scenes of elite sport. From her ‘first race’ to ‘top of the podium’ and some of the amazing people and other athletes she met along the way. Designed for fun and laughter to lighten an event or conference.

Overcoming fear:

To be successful we all must overcome that inner voice of apprehension and put ourselves in a place of discomfort. Our mindset can really impact our ability to do this. Jana uses anecdotes and personal stories from her career to help develop confidence and awareness in a person’s capacity to achieve their goals. Designed to inspire and motivate

Finding your inspiration: your ‘why’

Whether it is from a quote, a movie or a person, everyone needs some inspiration. This is an interactive style presentation aimed to draw out the crowds ‘why’. When we know why we desire a certain path or thing, we can start to shape the ‘how’ more easily. Jana shares her own journey and what inspired her along the way. Designed to develop and create goals.

The new you – a rebrand or recharge

Many of us have to change our career paths, step up or overcome an adverse event. You might want to inspire your staff or audience to push harder and change their perception or your company may have taken a hit and needs to rebuild. Jana will use herstories of swapping the track for the icy slopes of bobsled, overcoming media criticism and now becoming a doctor, to show how we can ‘rebrand’ and reinvent ourselves. Designed to foster leadership and creativity.

Team building and leadership

Whilst Jana competed as an individual athlete she had a large team around her ensuring minimal distraction and ‘perfect preparation’. At the elite level she employed only the best therefore balancing personalities and varying opinions was essential to deliver optimal performance outcomes. Jana shares her theory of cascading leadership and through stories from her career deliveries a clear message of what it takes to lead and create a ‘world class’ team.