For my son, it was easy. I was on my honeymoon, I posed the question to my husband and within moments was full of baby. This time round however was very different. After many years of trying naturally, a divorce and multiple miscarriages, I turned to IVF for help. Initially my wonderful partner and I were doing it together but as can sometimes can happen, the stress of such things broke us apart. Thankfully we are still wonderful friends.

After a cervical cancer scare and already suboptimal fertility, I decided to go it alone. It was one hefty decision to make. I sat for many hours brainstorming with my parents and friends over it. I have a beautiful son Cor who has always wanted a sibling and I was acutely aware that if something happened to me, he would be alone. Plus I love children, I would have my own football team full of them if I could. So the journey began as a single mum. Many months, injections and scans later, I have my beautiful bundle of joy lying asleep right next to me! My own little miracle