I love to run… I love being a mum…

The last few weeks have been rough as guts but also amazing!! I am just now getting back into full training. After having my son Cor over 8 years ago, I was back smashing hurdles within a few weeks but this has been a much more humbling return.

My daughter is the light of my life, a perfect addition to my wonderful little man. Our family of three! Emmie is a complete night owl, every 90 minutes her gorgeous little smile is greeting me ‘hello mummy… hungry please’.

My breast milk often decides not to flow and she hates the bottle. BUT she is pure joy, smiles and cuddles. I love being a mum.

I have just started writing my book and I hope to share bits of it on here over the next few months. I love being a mum and athlete. Many people think I am either crazy or amazing training whilst preggers and so soon after. I will therefore aim to burst that myth and hopefully provide some inspiration to other mums who want to get their body back moving